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About Us.

Atthiyaab has been established since 1995 through the need in the Islamic community to provide modest Islamic clothing.


Each item at Atthiyaab is hand cut, lovingly stitched and professionally tailored to a very high specification.  We source the finest fabrics and accessories to create each garment.  From the sourcing of the fabric to the finished product great care is taken at every step to deliver quality products


Please be aware of imitations and only buy the original Atthiyaab garment


At Atthiyaab we believe that our customers deserve the best.

At Thiyaab

Important Notice

Unfortunately due to the current situation, some of our suppliers are closed,  however, we do have some materials in stock. So please contact us before placing your order so we can advise you what we have available.  Also, your items may take a few days more to arrive


Stay Safe & Thank You.

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